Beginner Modern Calligraphy Kit

Beginner Modern Calligraphy Kit


Pre-Order ONLY + Free Shipping while supplies last for US orders // Physical kits will ship out the first week of December!

Not local to Oregon or unable to attend our in person workshops? My hope is that this kit can be the next best thing! & that it will give you all the beginner tools and techniques you need to learn the art of calligraphy at home!

In this beginner Modern Calligraphy kit you will receive all of my favorite tools for beginners! Our guide sheets will cover everything from supplies, beginner calligraphy tools, techniques for holding your pen and controlling writing pressure, uppercase & lowercase letter formation, composition of words, to a list of resources to give you all the beginner skills to be confident in exploring the art of calligraphy on your own!

Calligraphy Kit includes the following: 

  • Pointed-pen holder

  • Two nibs

  • Ink & ink holder

  • Pencil & eraser

  • Exemplar alphabet

  • Rhoda practice paper

  • Beginner Modern Calligraphy guide sheets by Seek Paper Co.

  • One Lettermate addressing guide + a set of two cards with envelopes!

Simple video tutorials covering all the supplies in your kit, the guide booklet, and an overview of how to use all your supplies will be launching soon on our Instagram! @seekpaperco

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